System features

The Multi Lymphatic drainage system, MK300 is used for the purpose of drainage of the dissolved or melted fat cells generated after various obesity equipments by improving lymph glands or blood vessels that constricted or damaged due to cellulite or excessive fat cells on the lymphatic drainage step, one of general obesity lipolysissteps.


Touch key pad controllers

Separate settings of 2 channels

Maximum 4 cuffs use

Pressure sensor controller

Emergency safety switch

Pressure range: 10 ~ 200mmHg

Time range: 5 ~ 90minutes

Compression mode: A mode (massage mode), B mode (Squeezing mode), C mode (2 times of B mode + 1 time of reverse of A mode)

Compression mode

A mode is wave mode having good merit that as a user can feel lesser compressing burden than B mode under middle or high pressure (80~200mmHg), it has the same indications as squeezing mode but is more suitable for muscle massage or more active compression with strong compression

B mode is squeezing mode pushing the blood and lymph more effectively without deflation from bottom to center of body. so, it is better for circulation or drainage under 80mmHg (low and middle pressure). In the case of high pressure of above 80mmHg, user can feel some burden. For your information, 60~80mmHg is so normal pressure in esthetic and medical

C mode (Combination mode) –B mode x 2 times and Reverse A mode

C mode is the compression mode to maximize by the combination of Aand B mode. It pushes by squeezing blood and lymph fluid to thecenter 2 times and then send it back to the end of body again to improve the blood volume of the dismals of the body.

* Especially, it is good for patients suffering from diabetic foot because they has sticky blood and abnormal circulation of the dismal of body